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We believe school uniform encourages a sense of identity and pride. There is also a link between wearing a uniform and pupil attitude.

For these reasons it is expected that all parents support the tradition that all children wear the Bersted Green school uniform which is:

  • Grey/black trousers or skirt. (Trousers can be long or short).
  • White polo shirt, green school polo shirt, white school shirt or white blouse (Shirts/blouses can be long or short sleeved).
  • Green sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (available from the school office) or bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan (available from supermarkets).
  • White/grey/black socks or plain white/grey/black tights.
  • A sensible pair of black school shoes are required for all pupils. (No trainers or boots, as these are not good for children’s feet).

PE Kit

  • A school light blue T-shirt or white T-shirt (no football or fashion logos).
  • Black or dark shorts.
  • P.E. Tracksuits may be worn in cold weather for outdoor games.
  • Plimsolls or trainers are required.

Please ensure that P.E. Kits are in school each day to minimize disruption to lessons and to avoid children becoming upset.

It is helpful if long hair is tied back for school.

Coats – Children need a warm coat. School coats may be purchased from the school office – optional.

Optional Items:
  • Grey pinafore dress
  • Summer check dress
  • Sun hat/sun cream if hot



We have samples of the school sweatshirt, cardigan, polo shirt, PE t-shirt, book bag and gym bag here in the main reception. For further information on sizes and current prices of our uniform please see below