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Helping your Child

We realise that in order to achieve success it is vital that we work in partnership with you, the parents. This may mean that we ask you to help with reading at home, invite you into school to help make something or request your attendance at a meeting about your child or new projects. This will happen because we want to involve you in providing the best possible education for your child.

Parents are involved in the work of the school community in various ways. We ask that parents consider themselves as important role models when on site. Parents who are available are welcome to help in classes, perhaps with art/craft activities, or in hearing children read, or maybe accompanying the teacher in taking groups of children on a local visit.

Parents interested in coming into school to help are invited to discuss the matter with their child’s class teacher. Parents are also encouraged to come to the school on an informal basis whenever they have any difficulties or concerns. Parents may also wish to join Aspire groups e.g. ‘Helping your Child’ or ‘First Aid’.

We do our best to keep parents informed about general school matters through our regular newsletters (sent via ParentMail), information evenings and ParentMail.